I Heart Faces Photo Contest

June 2, 2009

I just LOVE this contest, it’s been so much fun getting to participate and be inspired by so many other photographers.  This week’s theme for kids is “Happy Birthday” ~ Must have a child in it and clearly be a birthday celebration of some sort!  I picked a pic of Kasen and my MIL bringing out my husband’s birthday cake.  Kasen was SO excited to help, and she was thrilled that I let her pick out whatever she wanted to wear to her Daddy’s birthday celebration.  She went all out with a beautiful dress and patent leather shoes. :)   I thought this picture called for a vintage look.  Don’t forget to check out all the other great birthday celebrations at I Heart Faces


There is as new category this week – Pets Category – “Anything Goes” theme (even though we call this special category “Pets”, we really don’t care if the animal is an actual pet or not.)  Since anything goes, this is a cute little turtle that I took a picture of at the Dallas Aquarium.  He just kept swimming by and looking directly at me, so I kept snapping pics.  He seemed totally intrigued by my camera and I was totally intrigued by him. ;)

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P.S.  We had another adoption home study yesterday morning and everything went well.  And on that front, no more baby news yet – he’s staying put for now. :)

See ya’ later!!

Jewel: Love both of these! Great job :)

Betty Jo: Love the vintage look of the BD shot and the look of anticipation on her sweet face is priceless. Great shot of the turtle! ?

Cora R: Beautiful birthday pictures and awesome shot of the turtle. Great job.

mam joe: the birthday shot is priceless...did you hear that? priceless! LOVE the vintage look, her dress, her expression....

Lindsay: I like both of these. Love the antique look of the first one...so vintage!

Dana~from chaos to Grace: That is SO funny that you did a turtle too! That's what I'm doing! HAAA! Not as cool as yours! ;) You are such an inspiration! LOVE your photos!

Phatchik: Seriously, when the page loaded I actually said, "Oh. Wow." outloud. These photos are beautiful!!

Sara: Love everything about your birthday entry! Her dress, her expression, the vintage look, the candle on the cake, the composition...fabulous!

Michelle Pixie: Great Pix! I love the vintage look of the birthday shot.

Alyssa @ CrazyBusy: Those are both beautiful! I love the vintage treatment you gave the first photo- suits it perfectly! Love, Alyssa

Shannon H: LOVE both entries! Adorable birthday entry and the pets entry is fabulous!

Nicole: The vintage look just adds frosting to the cake on that first picture :D Beautiful!!

MelissaJoy: What a wonderful birthday photo! Love the vintage look it has.

tammy: I love visiting your site, there is always sweet sweet moments captured on camera.

Julie: I LOVE the birthday photo! The crop/composition is great. I love the dress and her expression. Truly a special moment!! =) Fantastic turtle photo, too!!!

jennifer: so.splendid. right down to the cool twisty candles. you really knew how to work this birthday shot.

alice: awesome turtle shot! i love it. you can't even tell there's glass there. wow!

Sarah Swanson: I love the vintage look. It looks very classic!