All About The Boys

April 10, 2009

It has been a crazy, wild, action-filled week, and I’m posting my sneak peeks out of order in the hopes that no one will be *too* upset! LOL I met a wonderfully sweet family early this morning at the park. Even though it was *freezing* they all did GREAT!! Okay, it wasn’t technically freezing, but it was super cold to me and the wind was just whipping, so that made it feel much colder. I was all bundled up in my coat and I even had my gloves on – had to have those hands warm so I could push the shutter button without shaking too much! ;)

The best part about photographing this family is that the Mom is a dear friend of mine. It’s always such an honor to photograph my friends and their families. I hope I did them proud! These are just a few that I pulled off my card tonight. There are lots more that I really love, and I hope you love them too.







That’s all for now!

See ya’ later!!