I Heart Faces – Photo Contest

March 30, 2009

This week’s photo contest for the kids category is “Pouting” -  I usually don’t have to look hard to get some pout faces from Kasen. LOL  This was taken after I told her that she needed to get out of the shower. :)   Don’t forget to check out all the other awesome entries here ~  I Heart Faces


This week’s category for the Pet Theme is “Anything Goes” – my favorite part of this pic is the way she has her sweet paw on the vine, and I love how she is looking at me so inquisitively.

Check out the other entries here ~  I Heart Faces


Good Luck to all the other contestants! :)

See ya’ later!!

Sarah: Gorgeous photos! They're so clear and crisp! The child is beautiful and the kitten is adorable!

Melinda B: And you made her get out?? With that precious look? Love your captures! Melinda B

Erin: With that look I would've let her stay in for as long as she wanted! Such a sucker...

erin: love both. that kitty is precious!!

anna: beautiful pictures! what a great pout. i'd have had to think twice about making her get out of the shower too! love that sweet kitten face too!

Farmer Gal: Those are both so good! So clear and crisp.

Puna: Beautiful eyes on both the kid and the dog.

NicoleRae: That is a very cute kitten! Great pouting face too

Corey: both are simply darling. I enjoyed them very much.

Melinda: How could you make her get out with a face like that?! She is a doll and I love the b&w conversion along with the angle. Your second photo looks like something out of a kitty calendar! Great job on both accounts!!

Mandy: Both photos are so cute. Great captures!

Becca: These are amazing pictures! :-) Love that cute kitten and that little one is just adorable with that pout!

Angela: I love your entries! Awesome job, great pout. Love the focus!

Shannah at The Flashcard Zoo: Love that pout! And I am not really a cat person, but that kitty is adorable.

Karin: Gorgeous photos! I'm looking forward to looking around your site.