Sneak Peek

March 28, 2009

I had the pleasure of photographing a little sweetie this morning.  I have photographed her big brother, before and after he was born (and I’d post the links to those pics if I wasn’t so lazy to go and find them right now-LOL).  But I haven’t had a chance to photograph this little cutie until now.  And trust me when I say, she is a CUTIE!!   I know a took a LOT of close up shots of that sweet face, but once her eyes lock on yours, there is no turning away.  Seriously, she just draws you in with that gaze, and you stare at her in amazement, wondering what is going through that precious little head of hers.  Well, I’ll just pretend that she likes me. LOL  I sure hope so, ‘cuz I’m in LOVE with her.  Her parents better not keep her away from me that long again, or I might go into withdrawals. ;)   Not to mention that she loves the camera and it adores her right back.

I told her Mom that I would post a sneak peek of the session today, and I know that she is eagerly anticipating its arrival here on my blog.  So, without further ado, here is the beautiful Miss Azure.




There are SO many more that I just LOVE, but these jumped out at me immediately. :)

See ya’ later!!