Save Me Spidey!!

March 27, 2009

Another fun day!!  We went to Peter Piper Pizza for lunch today with the whole gang!  Brad’s Mom and Dad went, as well as Uncle Denny and Auntie Judy.  Kasen could not have been more excited that all her peeps were going with her.  It was a special treat for Kasen because she has slept through the night for FIVE nights!!  Not consecutively, but we’re not splitting hairs here. :)

Some of you know that we’ve been having sleep issues with Kasen.  For some reason, she’s been getting up in the middle of the night and crawling in bed with us.  It makes for a restless night for all of us . . . . especially when she sleeps sideways in the bed with her head pushing against Brad’s back and her legs kicking me in the neck.  Fun times these are NOT.  And yes, we hear you, why didn’t we just put her back into bed.  Well, we do, but MOST of the time, we’ve been so asleep that we wake up in the morning not knowing WHO actually helped her in our bed or when on earth did she get there.  She’s been preying on that weakness for a while now.  LOL  And yes, you would think that the kicking and shoving would clue us in that she’s in.our.bed.  But no, we’re so sleep deprived already, that we just move her and grumble, and move her and grumble . . . all night long.  So, we came up with a bribe plan to get her to sleep through the night.  Each night that she slept through the night, all night long, she would get a sticker.  After five stickers (I wanted to make it 10 – the Daddy caved), she gets to eat and play at Peter Piper Pizza.  Today was her second trip to the pizza joint, because that now makes TEN nights that she has slept in her bed all night.  Woohoooo!!  She’s getting good, we’re going to have to up the ante! ;)

After Kasen reluctantly sat with all of us and ate her pizza LOL, it was on to the games and rides.  Here she is hanging on to Spidey as he leads her to safety. :)


P.S.  Continuing education units are finished!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I passed both of my tests and I can keep my license for another year.

See ya’ later!!

Sue Berk: glad we are not the only ones who have girls with sleep issues!