Little Sunflower

March 26, 2009

Another quick post since I’m still studying. Ugh!!  I’m getting there, but it’s SLOW progress . . . . especially with my little tornado around! ;)   My birthday is creeping up and I HAVE to finish these tests by that date!!  Then I can actually celebrate being 29 . . . . again!!  Shhhhhh. ;)

Kasen had open house at her Mother’s Day Out program today and it was fun to see her in class, and then see her with sing with the group.  All of the children are just so precious.  They had various artwork projects hung around the room, but sadly Kasen didn’t get to participate in a lot of the art projects.  She was out sick on the days when they were working on them.  Her teachers were super sweet though and helped her out with a little sunflower project.  I knew that she would be really upset if she didn’t have one of them to take home today since all the other children were toting theirs out the door.  She LOVES that little plant . . . now to just hope that it grows into a beautiful sunflower.  I took a few cute pics this afternoon of her and her new love, but I only had time to edit and post one, so here it is!


And the fact that it’s in a juice box makes it even sweeter for Kasen! LOL

See ya’ later!!