“Bluebonnets, Here We Come!”

March 22, 2009

That’s what Kasen said on our way to take some pics in the bluebonnets this afternoon.  LOL We loaded up all our gear and headed to my favorite bluebonnet spot.  Well, it wasn’t so great today. :(   Either all the bluebonnets are not out yet, or we are too late in the season, or they are just not flourishing like they did in year’s past at this particular location. Hmmm.  I still managed to get some great shots, but it was a little, okay, a LOT more work on my part.  If you know of a GREAT spot, please let me know!!  Oh, and the WIND – it was insane!!  Oh how I hate wind.  Those of you with beautiful straight hair that flows in the wind making you look like a supermodel on the cover of Sports Illustrated, I hate you!! LOL  Okay, I know hate is a strong word.  I really don’t hate anyone.  However; I’m mighty annoyed with you. ;)   Me, on the other hand, with curly hair . . .well, it does NOT fair well in the wind.  I don’t look cool and collected, I look like a raving maniac with Bozo hair that gets bigger and bigger the longer I stand there.  All while the wind teases my hair into some kind of obnoxious Dallas big hair that is NOT something to be desired.  Dreadful, seriously.

And what is with my child??  I can’t get her to sit still for ANYTHING.  All she wanted to do was run, run, run.  Do you know how hard it is to get a good picture of a child in the bluebonnets when they are moving at 90 miles per hour?!  Not easy!  Then, she just wanted to play in the dirt.  She was totally amazed by the all the cracks in the dirt and I think she picked up several pounds, causing her fingernails to look like we had poured soot in them.  All in all, a good day. LOL

Here’s one for now since Brad needs to work on my computer yet again.  We’re having a horrible time with my wireless internet service and e-mail.


See ya’ later!!

P.S.  One of my e-mail addresses no longer works.  If you’re trying to e-mail me, please e-mail me through here

P.S.S.  This is my 300th post!!  WOW!!  That’s a LOT of talking and picture taking. :)

Shannah at The Flashcard Zoo: The last few years the bluebonnets have just NOT what they used to be. I don't know what the deal is. But everything seems to be coming in late this year, so maybe we're just early yet. Really sweet pic, though.

tammy: That picture is JUST BEAUTIFUL, what else can I say, that picture is breath taking!!

katie: As usual, Kasen looks amazing! Awsome pic!Have you tried calling the bluebonnet hotline? Yes, there is. My sisten in law found it last year, it is updated, and tells where to go to find the blooms.