Meeting Old Friends

July 16, 2007

I had the pleasure of meeting a few old friends tonight.  Well, I better not say old, since we’re all in this together! And I certainly don’t consider myself over the hill anytime soon and nobody better tell me otherwise!!!  Anyway, I did meet some very sweet friends this evening that I had the pleasure of growing up with and it was great seeing several of the Moms too.

Since one of my friends lives out of state, I had to twist her arm so I could take some pictures of her children tomorrow at the park while she’s in town.  I can’t wait.  I ended up taking a few pictures of her kids this evening before it got too dark.  You know me and my camera, I don’t go anywhere without it.   I wasn’t sure I’d get to see her tomorrow, so I softly asked her two boys if I could take their picture REAL quick!! LOL  They were so pleasant, well mannered and are so handsome.  Soooo, if I got these pictures tonight on a whim, I can hardly wait to see what we’ll get tomorrow when we’re really trying!  She also has the most precious little girl and I took her picture too, but I didn’t have to ask.  I mean, she IS only 16 months old.  I don’t have to ask at that age, just run and around and TRY to catch them when they’re still, for oh, say, a second!! haha

Here is her oldest – the handsome, sweet "T" ~

Here is "G" – so cute, funny, and I couldn’t stop looking at those deep, beautiful eyes ~

And last but not least, the sweet, stunning Miss "A"
Don’t you just love this cheese face ~

And I had to show one more, so you could actually see those big brown eyes ~

Thanks "C" and Mrs. "M" for letting us share the evening with you and all the sweet company!  It was perfect! :)