When Swiffers Go Bad

July 26, 2007

The other day, my husband was getting ready for his evening hockey game.  It’s always a little chaotic before he leaves because we’re trying to keep K from screaming and crying since Daddy is leaving the house, you know, never to return again.  LOL  In the process of gathering everything together and making sure hockey sticks, skates, elbow pads, helmet, etc. were in the car, K was being QUIET.  It was wonderful.   What was wrong?  What did we do to deserve such tranquility?  There it was, K was cleaning.  Ahhhh, the serenity of a child cleaning house.

The last order of business was for my husband to put his shoes on.  Just one more step, or two, or three, and he was out the door – to enjoy a night free from fatherly duties, to get a good work out, to enjoy the coolness of the ice, and connect with his buddies for a great hockey game.  He was tieing his shoe laces, when out of nowhere, came a Swiffer broom handle, injuring his right eye.  And who was the handler of said Swiffer? . . . not I . . . it was K, our daughter.  She was using her modified version of my Swiffer broom.  Hers is just shorter.
She can really get a handle on it that way and clean to her heart’s
desire.  She is a mean cleaner and was Swiffering the floor (carpeted I might add) and was jabbing the Swiffer up and down when she jabbed her father in the eye.  Obviously she has not watched me Swiffer much, since I certainly don’t Swiffer with such a vengeance!! LOL  I glide my  Swiffer across the floor, not pound the poor floor into submission. *rolling eyes here*  My poor husband!!  I heard the excruciating "Owwwwww" and then I heard little feet scampering down the hall, fast!!  She knew something bad happened, she just wasn’t sure what it was.

Fast forward, it’s been a few days of B wearing an eye patch, but it just wasn’t healing and he was still in a massive amount of pain.  To the doctor we went, I had to drive, tow K along and make a day of a few doctor’s appointments.  After the first doctor, he was sent to a specialist since B’s eye looked so bad.  They said it was a very intense corneal abrasion.  The specialist is going to look at it tomorrow to make sure it’s healing properly.  I guess I’ll be chauffeuring again.

I had to take a picture for future reference, and of course, to tease K later.  You know, remember the time when you tried to stab Daddy’s eye out?!  I’m sure she’ll be totally remorseful, or, well, probably not! LOL

In this picture, I asked her what happened to Daddy’s eye and this is the look I got.  Priceless!  So remember, a public service announcement, lock up those Swiffers when not in use or this could be you!!!! :)

pius coles: the battle wounds of parenthood! nice

Niki: That pic is perfect with the story! I'm glad I'm not the only one who has suffered an eye injury. B accidently got me one morning, and W had to come home to take me to the dr, then to an eye specialist, to find out I had a tear creating the blurry vision I had in my eye. I sooo sympathize what you all went through :).

Crystal: Oh poor Brad! Kasen totally cracks me up!