All the Way from Kuwait

August 6, 2007

My friend and her family that is!!!!!  We had a splendid day yesterday visiting and watching the kids giggle while they chased each other through the house.  As we sat poolside, we enjoyed the kids’ smiles and laughter as they swam to their heart’s content.

I don’t get to see them very often since they moved, but it was like we have never been apart.  The conversation picked up right where we left off it seems.  You always know you have a true friend when that takes place. :)

I was thrilled to be able to take some pictures for them, but the kids were SOOOOO excited when we were finished because the pool really was calling their name!! ;)   You know, pictures were just a means to an end – the real agenda was swimming!! LOL  I also think the Dad was thrilled he did not have to partake in the photograph frenzy! LOL  I’m not sure how he got out of this one, but I could tell he was thoroughly pleased with himself!! LOL Hmmmm, maybe next time.

Here is my radiant friend and her two beautiful children ~

  Hopefully it won’t be another year until I see her again!

Stephanie: OMG! Has it been THAT long since I have seen these children!!! C is a little man and E is STUNNING! Good to see y'all.