Remembering Jay

August 7, 2007

Jay Schneider
August 7, 1970 – August 7, 2005

This is my brother-in-law, my husband’s only brother and especially my friend, on his wedding day.  This is the last day that my husband and I saw Jay. *tears*  I never dreamed that we would never see him again, and would be mourning his death only 12 short weeks after he was married.

Jay was tragically killed in a plane crash and our lives have been forever altered.  He left more people heartbroken than he ever could have imagined.  Smiles were always abundant whenever Jay was around.  He was full of life, always on-the-go, extremely fun, totally carefree, and would move the earth for you . . . if you just asked.  I always loved it when he would say “Just another chapter in my book.”  How I wish that book had more chapters.  I wasn’t finished reading.

This evening as I sat outside with my daughter, we heard a plane go overhead as we so often do.  She looked up, pointed and asked “Whassat?”  I told her “A plane sweetie,” and as I looked skyward, the tears began to fall . . . for Jay, for his Mom & Dad, for his wife, for my husband, for me, for our daughter, for all the things that we have missed out on by not having him in our lives and how terribly much that hurts my heart to the very core.

We love you Jay and miss you so much

Tammy: Hi Karen- I am not sure if you remember me but you took pic of my boys, Dalton and Brayden. It looks like you and Rayne have hit it off! I am glad to hear that. I hope all is going well for your photography business. Take care, Tammy Wambles

Heather Schneider: Thank you, Karen, for your beautiful tribute to Jay. Your love, sensitivity and kindness bring tears to my eyes, and thankfulness to my heart that you are a part of our family - our special daughter. We love you LOTS...

Doug Schneider: Thank you Karen for that very touching tribute to Jay - it touched MY heart to the very core. You are special! Love, Doug

Rayne: Karen, When you told me about Jay, it brought a sadness over me and your tribute was so dear and touching. Thank you for opening your thoughts about family, friends and life. You remind us what life is really about. You're amazing and special and so proud to call you FRIEND. Love, Rayne