Funny Face

August 31, 2007

Well, we are back from our whirlwind vacation last weekend and it was extremely enjoyable, exhilarating, and tiring.  The day we traveled home, our daughter woke up in the morning very congested and hoarse.  Not much fun before boarding an airplane.  She was a real trooper though and slept through almost the entire flight.  We were SO grateful, since not all of our flights have gone so smoothly!! LOL  Her favorite part of any plane ride is waving at the passengers, telling them "Bye, bye" as they pass our seats to exit the aircraft.  Most people are friendly, flash her a sweet smile and happily wave back . . . usually telling us how cute she is! :)   We wholeheartedly agree!!

On this special trip, which I’ll write more about later (just too tired this evening), a special friend taught our daughter this new silly face.  We met quite a few children on this trip and I had to go back, tease the parents, asking "WHO taught my child how to do this?!" LOL

And yes, she thinks it’s hysterically funny! ~

So beware, I was told this was a "pay it forward" funny face. LOL  Hopefully K will keep this one to herself! :)