More & More Boys

December 5, 2007

I’ve been photographing several boys as of late and having a blast.  They are so much fun, full of laughter and giggles, and just the slightest of noises send them off into the wonderful world of hysterics.  Those hysterics where you can’t catch your breath.  Yeah, those.  I have such a hard time controlling my own laughter that I can’t hold the camera still.  LOL

These two gorgeous boys belong to a VERY dear friend of mine and as always, they were extremely entertaining.  I could just photograph them all day . . . and hopefully I’ll get the chance before the next Christmas card extravaganza rolls around.  *hint-hint*

Here is Mr. “L” – he is the sweetest little boy and has the best smile.  Isn’t he gorgeous?!

I had to add the black and white one too.

Here is Mr. “M” – he is vivacious, energetic and he really does sparkle.  Look at that smile.

Here’s the black and white version.

Yippee for me, all my Christmas card orders are placed.  I’m still working on several photographs, but it won’t be long now.  I’m ready to have a nice break and actually start MY Christmas cards and begin shopping.  I haven’t bought one single thing yet for my family.  Well, I have most of the items for my daughter, but nobody else.  Oh my, I better stop thinking about this before I get too stressed out!! LOL  Ahhhh, the joys of the holidays!!! :)