Enjoying Life!

December 19, 2007

That’s what we’ve been doing lately.  No, my Christmas cards aren’t mailed (yet) and no, the house is not clean (yet), and the laundry is not put away (maybe never, it’s ongoing! LOL), but we are taking time to enjoy the special things that won’t wait . . . . . moments with our daughter.  Those other things are not near as important as spending time laughing and enjoying being with your children.  In our case, it’s being with Kasen.

The seasons of a child’s life are not unhurried, they are flashing before your eyes at breakneck speed.  Take some time this busy holiday season, to sit, to relax, to play, to truly delight in the laughter, and to enjoy the ones you love.  Time, what an incredibly special gift.  And it costs absolutely nothing!

Jubilation ~

Fascination ~

Trepidation ~

Progression ~

Have a Happy Wednesday!!!