Oh My, Oh My,

December 21, 2007

Oh My, another play-date! Can you believe it?!

Our gracious hostesses, Rayne and Sadie, opened their home to Kasen and I this morning.  They provided us with fun, giggles, delectables, brightly colored presents and a home that would visually awe you with it’s amazing Winter Wonderland of adornment.  Oh yeah, and I took pictures!! LOL  That was my major contribution to the morning festivities. LOL  Not quite as spectacular as Rayne’s impressive display of hospitality, but I was trying to do my part! haha

Here, we start the day with hugs, hugs, hugs.  The girls were so happy to see one another.

A few kisses thrown in for good measure.

Then, it was time to settle in with a good book.

Time for TWO seconds of modeling. LOL  Too busy playing to stop for longer than that!

Time for unwrapping the presents.  Kasen has become a pro at this!

However, NO time for kisses.  Kasen tried and tried, but Sadie was not having it . . . anymore. LOL

Time for a quiet moment of sharing the bond between a mother and daughter.

Time for the noise again – a splendid rendition of "AHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

Now, everybody on-stage for the finale.

Time for one more round of toy playing.

And alas, it’s time for goodbyes.

Thanks again, for everything.  We are already looking forward to the next reunion.  It was charming, it was merry, and our hearts are filled with the warmth of friendship.  Until next time . . . .

Rayne: Call it being sentimental, but your photos brought tears to my eyes. Your new lens is wonderful; however, I think it's the photographer behind it! We had a great time and our next playdate will be sooner rather than later. Thanks for your generousity and friendship...we cherish you both! Rayne