Christmas Pics

December 27, 2007

Short on words, since Kasen decided to have a party from 3:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. this morning! *yawn*  And she still didn’t sleep much today, but here’s hoping to a more rested tomorrow . . . for her and me both!

Here are some pics from Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Christmas Eve

Checking out the presents on Christmas Eve morning.

With her new power drill and safety goggles . . . they help open presents you know. LOL

After we changed her for bed, she wanted another round of playing with
her new toys. She LOVES this Mrs. Potato Head. She puts the glasses on
herself and says "I tato head!" LOL

With her new work bench.

Christmas Day

Here’s the first thing she noticed in her stocking Christmas morning and it was all over. LOL

Her new Geo Trax – she LOVES this.  The rainbow bridge is awesome!  Notice she hasn’t let go of her candy cane yet. LOL

Here she is at Mae Mae & Papa’s house having a tea party.

I told my husband that we’re really going to have to "pink it up" next year
because she received so many boy toys this year!LOL I’m thinking a play kitchen
will be in her future . . . . . probably for her birthday. As soon as she gets a big girl
bed, we can rearrange her room and there will finally be room for her
kitchen. Man, I wish we had a play room. Maybe someday!