A Bouncing Blast

December 30, 2007

Kasen and I were so excited to see our guests arrive last week for a morning full of enjoyment.  Our friends, G & L have the sweetest four year old boy/girl twins, G & G.  I did get quite a few great shots of both of them, but I wanted to share this sweet one of Miss "G" and Kasen.  It was a lucky shot too because it is THE only one I took of the both of them jumping.  Right after the lights flashed, Kasen ran off to play trains with Mr. "G." LOL  And, she hasn’t stopped talking about the fun she had yet!!

Here are the two cutie pies. ~

Leslie Miller: Hi Karen! I love this shot! Thank you so much for posting! You are a terrific photographer with an amazing eye! It was wonderful to see you! Love, Leslie

Leslie Miller: