100 Posts – Packing a Punch!!

April 22, 2008

I can’t believe it – this is my 100th post!!  Hooray for me! LOL  I’m a very on-again, off-again blogger, so even I’m impressed by my consecutive posting streak here lately . . . . which has helped me reach this momentous 100-post milestone. haha

Now, for the story of the day.  I bought Kasen this little punching bag set consisting of a neon green inflatable punching bag and inflatable bright red and purple gloves. I
thought it would be a great way to use up some of that energy when we
can’t go outside. She LOVES them and couldn’t wait to start punching the daylights out of everything and anything that happened to move. :)    However; when she was in the kitchen with her gloves on, she was trying to walk on the punching bag. *rolling eyes*   She ended up falling and hitting the side of her eye on the corner of the kitchen cabinet. Ouch!  So, FIRST day with these things and she gets a black eye. Oy.  She’s a true boxer I tell ya’! LOL

I asked her to give me a mean face and this is what I got. ;)    I used a vintage action and then added a little bit of film grain too.

The link is added below because you just have to see this pic BIG!!

Click Here to See My Little Boxer

I appreciate every single comment and love knowing that many of you are reading my blog.  Makes it all worthwhile!  Thanks and here’s to 100 more!! *cheers*