Happiness In A Cup

April 23, 2008

I think she looks like she should be in an ad for this organic applesauce. ;)    She LOVES this stuff and it definitely shows!!  I adore the unbridled enthusiasm she has here. :D

I couldn’t decide which action I liked better, so I’m posting them both.

Well, I’m making it an early night. zzzzzzzzzzz  That’s because I didn’t capture hardly any of those elusive zzzz’s last night.  Brad and I were working and didn’t go to bed until entirely too late.  Then Kasen woke up ONE hour after we went to sleep and continued to stay WIDE awake for the next two hours. *whew*  And she still got up before our alarms went off. :(   I’ve been a walking zombie all day, so it’s time to put the mouse away, walk.away.from.the.computer LOL . . . .  and get some much needed sleep.

See ya’ tomorrow!!