April 25, 2008

Nobody pass out, but Kasen and I did some gardening today. LOL  If you don’t know me well, you will have NO idea that a green thumb has never been one of my digits. haha  I was always made to pull weeds on the weekend as a child . . . . for countless hours, and I HATED it.  I vowed I would never pull another weed again when I became an adult AND had a say about what I did in my OWN yard.  I would definitely pay someone to do that. LOL

Fast forward to today, Kasen and I dug up a TON of dirt, pulled weeds (oh yeah!) and tried to get the beds ready for flowers tomorrow.  Now you might not believe this, but I had FUN.  Even I couldn’t believe it. LOL  Maybe it was because I finally had a helper that wasn’t running in one million directions, but was using her cool new Little Tikes shovel and rake to actually HELP. . . or maybe it was the lovely cool breeze that helped me not swelter in the Texas sun . . . or maybe I just got the satisfaction of seeing something looking better and better, and getting excited about beautiful flowers blooming in our own front yard . . . . whatever the reason, I think I’ll do it again, and SOON!! LOL

Here are some pics I took before the BIG gardening hoedown began. ;)

See ya’ tomorrow!

Heather Schneider: Go Madame Gardener !! Can't wait to see those beautiful flowers. I'm sure Kasen had a wonderful time too - knowing how she loves that dirt. Have a great day....Mae Mae (freezing in Canada ! )