April 28, 2008

I put ponytails in Kasen’s hair today.  When she was talking on the phone to my Mom, she said "MIMI, I have PONY HAIRS!" LOL
Honestly, I don’t do them very often because Kasen will NOT sit
still long enough for me to put them in. And, her hair is so fine, that
it doesn’t hold a part well. That was pretty obvious after she turned
her head around. *oops*  Her part was pretty straight on the top, but not even close in the back.   Good thing she didn’t go anywhere today. YIKES!!

Here she is with her "pony hairs." :D

Let’s not forget that infamous thumb (LOL), that periodically makes its way into her mouth . . . . oh, several times a day!!  You know, she didn’t even start sucking her thumb until she was almost two.  Isn’t that crazy?!

Well, after a long trip to the doctor, I’m the proud owner of my very first ear infection.  I really feel for those that have chronic ear infections.  It is NO fun, no fun at all.  When the doctor put that otoscope in my ear, I really thought I would come unglued.  I’m not put together that sturdy in the first place. LOL  Well, I’m off to take my medicine and pray that my ear stops hurting.

See ya’ tomorrow!