What a Difference a Year Makes!!

April 29, 2008

Wow!! These pics were taken almost exactly one year ago.  Time really does fly!!

Making it short since my ear is still aching. :(   Going to settle in for a good night’s rest and hope that I’m in less pain tomorrow.  See ya’ then!!

Heather Schneider: That layout may be a year old but it is still one of my very favorites! It is just TOO cute! Hope your ear is feeling better today Karen. I can sympathize since I used to get ear aches often when I was younger (that was a lot longer than a year ago). It rained last night so I just a call from Lorne saying it was too wet to go to work today so I am off to the basement to finish fixing the shower door that I started dismantling on the weekend. Bye for now, Love, Pa Pa