Loving Summer

July 14, 2008

She does.

LOVES summer.
Loves swimming.
Loves being outside.
Loves popsicles on the patio.
Loves swinging to the sky.
Loves digging in the mud.
Loves “helping” Daddy barbeque.
Loves having picnics at the patio table under the big black umbrella.
Loves twirling in the sunlight.
Loves splashing.
Loves riding her tricycle.
Loves blowing bubbles.
Loves sidewalk chalk.
Loves riding in her big red wagon.

It’s so wonderful to see her enjoy all these things.  She really LOVES summer!


See ya’ later!!

Anna Friesen: Hi Karen, It's Anna (from Saskatchewan)...I like to check in on your blog every now and then. Your pictures of Kasen are so adorable. I only wish you lived a little closer...I would love to have some pictures done of my girls, you have great taste. Take care. ps. I would love summer as much as Kasen if I had that many cute bathing suits:)

Karen Schneider: Thanks Anna!!! Stop by and say hi more often - it's great to hear from you! I, too, wish I was closer so I could take some pics of your girls. They are SO gorgeous!! I know because I get pics every now and then from D&H. :) I'm totally LOL about the bathing suits. Too funny and SO true. :D