The Thrill of the Ride

July 21, 2008

Yes, we think she has serious thrill issues. LOL  She loved all the rides at Six Flags, but the roller coaster was BY FAR her favorite.  On some of the other rides, she seemed almost stoic and was definitely annoyed by the ferris wheel that looked like hot air balloons.  It was just too slow and she kept screaming that she wanted off every time it would stop.  Oh yeah, not a favorite.  However; Brad said that once the roller coaster started going, she was belly laughing.  That wonderful gleeful, deep from within, infectious belly laugh.  I wish I could have heard her, but I did see that look of pure excitement on her face.  Soooo happy I captured her very first roller coaster ride on film (er, compact flash card)! LOL

Here is the full view (they are in the second to last car)

And because you have to *really* see the look of exuberance on her face.

Oh yeah, the house is cool, woo-hooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!  Our air conditioner was repaired very late last night.  We had a faulty wire in the attic.  It was fried.  Scary.

See ya’ later!!