My Broadway Baby

July 22, 2008

Kasen is really funny and very dramatic.  Trust me when I say that she is over-the-top animated and I do love every minute of her displays.  For example, the other day we were out enjoying ourselves in the pool.  Brad had gone inside to get everything ready for the grill.  I leaned over to Kasen and said, “When Daddy comes back outside, tell him, ‘Daddy, you’re handsome.’”  Well, she did, very clearly and verbatim to what I had requested.  Brad, of course, thanked her, giving me the nod and a huge grin. . . knowing who put her up to that. LOL  After he walked back inside, I told Kasen, “Thank you.  You did great!!!”  Kasen shrugged her shoulders, bowed her head to one side while batting her eyes and said “Awww Shucks!” LOL  LOL  One funny girl.

And here she is recreating her signature “Awwww Shucks!” look.  Notice that tongue sticking out between her teeth. She has one wicked lisp and even though I’ve spent countless hours helping others overcome their lisps, I do think it’s adorable when I see it on her.  She’s still little yet, I’m sure she’ll outgrow it when I least expect it – that’s how she’s done everything else thus far, why would this be any different?! ;)

Now, I just need to capture all of her many faces.  I’ve been meaning to do that for a while, but I better get crackin’ or she’ll stop doing that as fast as she started.  Everything is on her own time thank you very much and there will be no rushing, no delaying, and no requesting, no nothing . . . .unless she is good and ready!!!!

See ya’ later!!!