September 16, 2008

Can you believe it???  This makes my two hundredth post . . that's a LOT of talking and  LOT of pictures. :D   Well, mostly of Kasen, but hey, who's counting??? LOL

The weekend retreat was great, lots of fun conversation and I did get quite a bit of work done in between the eating and conversing.  All of the ladies were fantastic and it was a blast getting to know them all.  I hope to do it again, but I would only change one thing . . . next time I'll actually scrapbook. ;)   I have an idea for a few pages and I'm hoping to get those put together in between all of my other projects.  I know Kasen will love seeing herself in an actual book . . and not on the computer screen!! LOL

With my shoulder injury, I'm trying to limit my computer time as much as possible.  It's just not getting better, and on the advice of a very intense OT (LOL), I need to alter my ways or it's NEVER going to get better. YIKES!!!  That pretty much scared me into changing how I do everything.  I had already changed quite a few things, but not near enough to make an impact . . . . as certainly evidenced by the continuous throbbing pain.  I'll still be posting on my blog, but it might be sporadic for a while.  I have a doctor's appointment in the morning and hopefully we'll come up with a game plan that will be best for all involved.

It just pains me (literally) that the things that I enjoy the most are causing me the greatest amount of pain . . . . taking photographs and editing pictures.  Well . . . ironing and cleaning too, but there's no love lost there!! LOL  Soooooo, I have to figure this out, so I can get back on track to doing what I love.

I also have a few Kasen cuties that I want to share, but I'll do that at a later time, since my computer timer just went off. LOL

Kasen, enjoying the beautiful weather this afternoon.  Isn't she just beautiful??!!

See ya' later!!