Mischievous Monday

September 22, 2008

Good Grief!!  This has already been a crazy day . . and it's only half over.  Thank goodness I'm meeting the girls tonight for a much deserved night out!!  Bring on the fun.

If you have not parented a three year old, you might have NO idea what I'm talking about.  And even if you have, and you do NOT have one as mischievous as ours, you still might have no idea.  So, let me give you a little peek into the start of our week.  Trust me, this is tame . . . yet, still not relaxing by any means.  I do earn my pay that's for sure.  Oh wait, I don't make any money doing this??  Well, I do really, I get paid in kisses and hugs and that's more than money can buy . . . . most of the time! LOL

Monday in the Life of Kasen:

Woke up early coughing and coughing and coughing.  Poor thing.

Crawled up in bed with us and requested food immediately.

Brad honored request and gave Kasen what she asked for . . . pink milk, just like Lola (from Charlie and Lola cartoon), along with a bowl of Cheerios.

Settled back in bed (with us) and proceeded to spill pink milk and cheerios everywhere.

Watched cartoons while she flipped, kicked and bounced.

No more sleep for us.

Brad got up to get ready for work.

Kasen managed to take out several items from one of my drawers in the bathroom.

She also found three necklace boxes and did a bang up job of breaking one of them.

Brad left for work (super tired) – Kasen was pretty sad for a little while.

Kasen played next to me for a few minutes while I worked on editing pictures.

She then proceeded to close my office door.

I heard rustling in the kitchen.

I went into the kitchen to investigate.  When Kasen is around, quiet is not a good thing! LOL

I found her standing on her step stool, getting cheese out of the refrigerator.  Those refrigerator doors are heavy too.  It really is too bad that she's learned how to open them!

You know, what amuses me most about this picture is not Kasen pulling out two Babybel cheese circles, but the THREE bottles of Tabasco sauce in the door.  Does anybody really need that many bottles???  I guess Brad does, since he's the only one that uses that stuff.  I secretly think he puts that on everything so he won't have to share his food with Kasen!! LOL  He just tells her that it's too hot.  Now, who do you think she goes to next???  Yep, me.  Guess I need to come up with a new strategy to keep little hands out of my food. LOL

Oh boy, I'm so easily sidetracked.  Benefits of motherhood. LOL

Then, Kasen takes the cheese into the bedroom to watch cartoons and I find cheese wrappers all over the bedroom floor and under the bed . . . under the bed???  Oh my!!

I bring in clean clothes from the dryer and go back to put the wet clothes in the dryer.

I return to  clean clothes spread from one end to the other all over the bedroom floor.

Clean clothes are picked up, folded, put away.

Kasen asks for another snack.  I give her a bowl of fruity bunnies.

I jump in the shower so we can hurry and go to the car repair shop.

When I'm ready to go, Kasen brings me a sockful of fruit bunnies.  Yes, she grabbed one of the clean socks from the clean clothes disaster, saved it for herself and made a little snack holder. LOL

I get her ready and head out the door to the car shop . . . where I chased her, said "NO" a thousand times, asked her to listen, and grabbed her hand  TWICE before she pushed the buttons to close the garage doors.  YIKES!!!  I could just see her closing one of those huge metal doors and squishing a car to smitherines.  And yes, I was told that I have my hands full by four different people.  We were in the service shop for less than 10 minutes.

We finally left after much sweating on my part, and headed to the post office to drop off a letter.

Kasen cried that we didn't go inside and begged to go inside another store.

We drove to get something to eat and Kasen yelled so loud that I almost drove off the road.  What is up with the yelling STILL?????

I bought lunch, filled up the car with gas and headed home while Kasen was still crying about not wanting to go home.

Got home and she immediately tried to hit Spike (our cat) because she thought he was going to eat her lunch.

I intervened just in time and we tried to sit at the table together for lunch, but she could not stay in her seat.

Into her high chair she went and we proceeded with lunch.

From there, she tried to throw food at Spike and he did eat some cheese that mysteriously made its way to the floor.

Not two minutes after that, Spike threw up.  Now, I had that to clean up before I could finish my lunch.

Kasen continued to not listen and then she said "WHAT ev-errrrrrr!"  *did you see the steam come out of my ears?* LOL  She has just started this and I have NO idea where she got it, but she uses that word as perfectly as an overindulged teenager, after being lectured by her parents about how many hours they have to work to pay for ONE pair of her designer jeans.

As I was taking a few pictures, this famous "WHAT ev-errrr!" came flying out of her mouth again.

Notice the eyes closing first ? – good move and VERY dramatic! LOL

Then the rolling of the eyes – yep, she's got it down pat!

After telling her that it was rude and I didn't like her saying that, she continued to test the waters.  Oh yeah, did you think she would let it go at that???  No way, she has to test every.single.time.

So, nap time it is.

Potty break first . . . where she broke the toilet paper holder AGAIN.  We've told her to leave it alone since she already pulled it out of the wall, but I guess it's just too tempting to watch it fall out AGAIN!

Off to nap . . . and really, that's where I should be!! LOL

Good thing that Brad is taking over at 5:30 p.m. because I'm punching out my time card and I will definitely be off duty! LOL

See ya' later!!!

Anna Friesen: Thanks for that post Karen. That is truly a day in the life of motherhood. I cleaned up more spills today than I care to think about, and the more I tried to keep things "under control" the more "out of control" it got! It's good to know I am not alone. It's a hard job, but the best job. Sleep well...I will :)

Karen Schneider: Thanks Anna, It's nice to know that you're not alone, isn't it?! ;)