Time Honored Tuesday

September 23, 2008

I thought it would be fun to travel back in time each Tuesday, thus the first installment of "Time Honored Tuesdays" is born.

These were taken in April of 2006.  Isn't it wild what a chunk she was???  Now, she's this little lean machine! LOL

Love that chewing on her fingers, she's obviously teething here.  It's a lot of work to grow teeth. :D

I'm cracking up looking at those cheeks.  They were SO kissable . . still are, there's just not as much of them. LOL

She was really into her hands – looking at them, feeling them, totally amazed by them.  Oh, and those dimples on her chubby, little hands, can you stand it??!! :)

Have a great Tuesday.  Thanks for traveling back in time with me.

See ya' later!!