September 25, 2008

She has it . . . in spades!! LOL  Check out that tongue action, just comical. :D

Before I forget, here's the scoop on my doctors' appointments.  One more cortisone injection and my shoulder feels a LOT better.  So, for the past two days, I've been editing, editing, editing . . .but not too much to overdo what my doctor just patched. ;)   Working s.l.o.w.l.y, 'cuz I do NOT want to experience that excruciating pain for quite some time, thank you very much.  I'm pretty sure it will come back until I decide to have the surgery, but I'm delaying waiting and exercising and icing and taking anti-inflammatories and resting, all in the hopes that I may be able to avoid having surgery.  It's a   L . O . N . G.   shot, but I'm willing to try.

Then, the cardiologist appointment last Friday.  My primary care physician was concerned when my EKG showed some extra beats going on with my heart.  He referred me to a cardiologist to be on the safe side.  There, I had another EKG and a heart sonogram.  They discovered that I have mitral valve prolapse (very mild & already knew about that) . . nothing to be concerned about.  So, all in all, great news!!  My ticker isn't as wacky as I thought. LOL

That's it for the big news at our house . . .unless you want to discuss our new dishwasher. LOL  I am thrilled with it, the way it looks, the way it performs, I could kiss it!!  Oh, I, uh, think I have already!!  LOL  The older I get, the more new appliances make me the happiest girl in the world.  Crazy huh?!

Have a GREAT Friday.

See ya' later!!