The Arboretum

September 29, 2008

Kasen and I met the Gymboree Mommies and their children today at the Dallas Arboretum.  We used to attend the same Gymboree class, but now that we're all spread out, we try to make an effort to get together.  The Mommies have met several times sans kids, now it was the kiddos' turn for some fun.  And I'm pretty sure they all had a great time.  I know that Kasen was talking about it alllllll day!! LOL

I have way more pictures to share, but this is all I could muster for this evening.  And honestly, aren't these children WAY too cute?! :D

Here they are in no particular order ~

Sweet Adam ~

Tammy & Grant -  Can you tell he LOVES his Mommy?! ;)

Handsome Evan, with those beautiful blues. ~

Cutie Pie Lauren ~ this was the first picture of the day!

My Little Pumpkin, before the face painting!  Stay tuned for those pics!!

Adorable Samantha ~

Precious Helen – I didnt' get many pics of her and her little sis today.  Maybe next time. *wink-wink*
My favorite part of this picture is Helen's fingers. LOL  Can you tell she was having some fun gardening?!

Beautiful Rowan – so happy that I finally made her giggle ~ 

The End . . . for now!! LOL

I hope y'all liked the pics.  Check back for more throughout the week.

We had a fantastic time and I can hardly wait to go back!!

See ya' later!!