Visiting Halle’s Grave

October 22, 2008

First, I want to thank you for the heartfelt e-mails and comments you've written over the past three days.  Each and every one is very much appreciated.  Thank you!


Yesterday, at the cemetery. *tears*

This was the first time I really had to explain to Kasen what we were doing there and it was TOUGH!!  We only take her there once a year and last year she really didn't have
a clue. Yesterday, she was asking lots of questions . . . when can I
see my big sister? . . . where IS Heaven? . . . can we go there for
just a little bit? . . . please, may I play with Halle?  *tears*
. . and wanting to know when would Halle actually show up at her
"birthday party" – even though we never mentioned the word party at all.
She just assumes if it's a birthday, a fun party must surely follow. :(