A Brrrrrr Day at the Arboretum

October 27, 2008

What a difference a day makes.  It was about 83 degrees yesterday – Kasen was swimming in our swimming pool with Daddy, Mae Mae and Papa.  Okay, the pool was heated, but still.  It was beautiful, sunny AND warm.  Then, today, while we were at the Dallas Arboretum – it was 47 degrees – brrrrrrrr!!!!!!  We all knew it was going to be chilly, but we thought it would be about 10 or more degrees warmer than that.  Kasen was all bundled up and looked so cute in her coat, hat, "karf" – that is "scarf," and gloves.  The kids had a great time in the hay maze, petting the animals, and getting their faces painted.

Then we went to eat lunch.  Crazy us . . we went and sat on the hill by the lake.  Okay, so this wasn't our brightest moment as Mommies, but it just didn't occur to us to sit away from the FREEZING breeze from the lake, and sit in the many warm areas available, with trees BLOCKING the wind.  Two of the Moms and their children ate in a hurry and decided to call it a day.  Two of us stayed.  We thought we could let the kids run for just a bit before heading out as well.  I told them to run down the hill . . . and run they did.  They NEVER stopped. LOL  I had to chase after them and get them to run back UP the hill.  Later when I asked Kasen why she didn't stop when I clearly told her to "stop," she looked at me like I had two heads and replied "You didn't say freeze." *rolling eyes here*  Silly girl.  Shannah and I were becoming more and more miserable and Kasen was losing her mind she was so cold.  What can I say, she is definitely a Texas girl through and through.  She was laying her head on Shannah's lap crying, "Please make me warm."  That did it for me – it was time to go.

As we were heading towards the exit, we spotted the other two Moms that had vamoosed earlier.  We just happened to miss their messages telling us where they had landed.  Their kids were happier, playing with the pumpkins AND it was WARM!!  It was actually incredibly pleasant.  I took my coat off, let Kasen out of the stroller and she played and played with Zander, Helen, Rowan, and Samantha.  Sweet Lauren was taking a nice nap in the stroller.  The kids had a blast – we couldn't believe how much nicer it was at that spot.  I ended up taking lots of pictures (big surprise) and then I knew it was time to get Kasen home and down for a nap.  She was begging to go the mall before we left the Arboretum (thanks Nicole!!LOL), and alllllll the way home.  I finally convinced her that the mall was closed, but it might open again after her nap. *wink*  And wouldn't you know it, it did!! :D She had a grand time playing at the mall for over an hour this evening, followed by a nice dinner at Pei Wei.  Sooooo, I'm hoping with all my might that she will finally sleep through the night tonight.  Especially since she hasn't slept through the night in two weeks. *yawn*

Here's some fun pics of our day.

Zander & Kasen playing on the hay ~

Zander in his cool hat and shades ~

Kasen – I'm not sure why she is always trying to pick up the animals *sigh* ~

On to the face painting – Kasen wanted a blue butterfly ~

The walk/run back up the hill.  Zander & Kasen ~

Warm and happy Helen ~

Another warm and happy girl – Rowan ~


And Zander bidding adieu to the pumpkin ~

I didn't get any pictures of Samantha because she is on-the-move now and doesn't want to sit still just because I have a silly camera pointed in her face. LOL  And of course, Lauren was snoozing.  Maybe next time. ;)

See ya' later!!

Shannah: What a day, huh? Are they not so dern cute holding hands? It's just TOOO much! And if I could EVER get him to take off his shades...