Chumming It Up With The Big Guy

November 9, 2008

As promised, here are pictures of Ron's visit with Santa Claus.  Looks like they were having a roarin' good time!! :D   This is pretty interesting . . . Santa looks perplexed in listening to Rayne's request –

Thanks again guys!!  I've been having a blast editing these Santa pictures and seeing all the cute kiddos, and yes, adults too, all over again.  I'm so excited for the families to see their pictures!!  I'll be working on them all this week.  And I know the families are anxious to see them as well. :D

See ya' later!!

Rayne: I love it! Ron has the BEST smile! So glad you captured this lively moment...I tell ya--it's NEVER dull with my wonderful hubby--NEVER! You're the BEST, Karen!