Sadie & Santa

November 10, 2008

Sweet Sadie, she wasn't too sure of Santa, but she did GREAT!!!!!!!!  Her Mommy sat on Santa's lap with her and slowly moved away so I could capture this wonderfully sweet moment.  I do have some more pictures of the two of them and Sadie is *almost* smiling. LOL  And they're precious too!!

Here they are – Sadie & Santa ~

See ya' later!!

Rayne: I loved all of our moments with're right, Sadie wasn't sure of him. As usual, you did a great job capturing the moment. We aren't even going to the mall this year--we already have the BEST Santa and Santa pictures. Thank you, K!!!! Have I mentioned that you are the BEST?!?

grace: I hope you are doing fabulous. I love the Spaulding's Santa pics. I'm sure this season is super busy for you. I was wondering if we would be able to see and purchase any Santa pics in the next week or so? If they turned out well I was hoping to purchase one for ourselves and possibly Grandma and Nana. Have an awesome day.