38 Months

November 13, 2008

~~Okay, keep in mind that this WAS written on October 10, 2008.  I just haven't had the time to add the pictures until now.  Then, I'll have to post her November 10, 2008 letter.  I'll give that a few days or more before I post, and then hopefully by December 10, 2008, I'll finally be caught up. That will be nice, finally caught up on something!! LOL~~  Oh yeah, I KNOW it's long – I had a LOT to say!! LOL

October 10, 2008

38 Months

Dear Kasen,

Yep, here we are again. . . . another month older, another month wiser, another month cuter, and another month WAY more stubborn! LOL The drama of three continues to astound me. I always laugh when people say how charming you are and ask if you are always that delightful. When I’m feeling nervy, I retort, “Oh she’s delightful alright, but the highs are REALLY high and the lows are REALLY low!” LOL

This last month, you have braved the The Great Pumpkin Patch at the Arboretum with friends, trudged through thousands of folks at the Texas State Fair and taken several outings on your big girl trike. You have climbed on your new dandy rope ladder, attended several days of Mothers’ Day Out, and helped your parents rearrange and begin to decorate the newly named guest bedroom as the playroom/guest bedroom/baby room.

Fall is definitely here, at least great fall weather for Texas!! And we have loved being outside more and more each day. Long walks are taken in the sole effort of gathering acorns. Swinging on the swing set ‘til the sun sets is a special affair. And the preparation of Halloween includes getting your “ishy” costume to NOT be itchy, and the eating of super-special-sugar-treats like candy corn, mellow cream pumpkins, cotton candy, and autumn colored jelly beans, hoping to save some of that special candy for the many trick-or-treaters that will converge upon our door this October the 31st.

I truly believe that Halloween is your favorite holiday. You asked about it every single night last year after the unparalleled event. If we left the house and it was the slightest bit dark outside, you would ask “It Halloween?” LOL I’m pretty sure that lasted up until about, say, two months ago. Soooo, I’m fully expecting after the hugely anticipated event this year, that we will hear that same question again (only using better grammar, I hope) for yet ANOTHER entire year. We were recently at the doctor so I could receive one of my cortisone injections for my shoulder. While there, you talked to everyone and anyone that would listen!! You were asked what you were going to be for Halloween, and you coquettishly responded, “A princess.” And when asked to elaborate on which princess, you appeared miffed in your reply “A KASEN PRINCESS!!” LOL Other questions ensued, but my favorite by far was when asked what you would say to people after you knocked on their door on Halloween. You stood tall and recited “Trick or Treat, Giggle and Fright, It’s fun to be scared, On Halloween night.” LOL

Kasen, you are such a Texas girl and the accent is coming through loud and clear! I have to admit that I do have an accent, but it’s certainly not as thick as many Texans, including my mother and brother. Then there’s your Dad, he does not have a Texas accent at all. However; his Canadian accent is still slightly apparent, and even more so after he’s been around his buds for a week. Soooo, it’s come as quite a surprise that your accent has been so heavy as of late. You say in the longest Texas drawl, “Are you maaaaaaa-uhhhhhD?” Or, “Are you saaaaaaaa-uhhhhhhd Mawwwwwmuhhh?” LOL Whoa baby, it’s crazy. We’re thinking you must be picking this up from some friends, because I know we don’t sound like that, at all. It is a hoot to hear you when you’re laying it on thick, but I certainly hope it starts to diminish a bit soon. Soft southern bell accent, yes . . . deeeeeep-Southern-I’ve-never-been-to-a-city-in-my-life-accent, no! LOL

You are still such a girly girl, but your love for bugs and the outdoors is definitely something of greatest importance in your life. You received a bug catcher not long ago, and you have spent hours trying to catch every bug imaginable . . dead or alive. LOL I did help you catch a moth and you would have thought that I hung the moon for you. You were so sweet to watch him, talk to him and even ask him how he was doing. LOL Then you were also kind enough to let him go and that made you feel great, like you had done something for the greater good of the country. It truly is refreshing to see the world through your eyes.

We have spent lots of time playing with friends and you have enjoyed every minute of the freedom and fun. I do too, but it’s so hard to try to keep up with you . . . especially when you would rather have the other Mommies look after you. We were at the park with friends today, and I wanted to swing you, but you wouldn’t let me. You kept asking one of the other Moms to do it, and you didn’t want to walk with me to the creek either. You, again, asked another Mom to walk with you, to hold your hand. I sometimes wonder what goes through that little mind of yours. Are you just exerting your independence, because you feel safe knowing that I’m still right there, or would you even care if I decided to take a break, go back to the car and take a nap while the other Mommies filled in for me?? Hmmmmm, haven’t really thought about that last one until now. LOL Actually, it helps me somewhat because it then gives me the opportunity to take pictures of the other children, especially when you really want nothing to do with the camera at all. Ohhhhh, and can I tell you how much THAT one hurts my heart. LOL


Yes, you are a daredevil, a tomboy and a frilly girl all wrapped up in one. Your father calls you a walking contradiction. LOL I noticed that you love to take risks while we were at the creek. On the way there, all the little boys were standing on the bridge, staring at the water below. However; you were the only one that climbed up on the ledge, peered over with those inquisitive eyes, and I actually think you would have tried to climb over the rails had I not stopped you. Then, once down at the water, you ventured farther and farther into the creek, the water rising around you, while you threw stones and slipped and slid all over the moss covered rocks until I thought you were definitely going to go head over heels into the water with a resounding splash. One of the Moms said that you were giving her a heart attack. LOL I could only empathize since that’s how I feel every day of your life. LOL Thank you Kasen for giving me more white hair than any mother of a three year old should have. Thank goodness for the invention of highlighting. LOL It cracks me up when people say that we have the same color hair. I laugh and say, “Yes, but hers is real. I pay for mine.” LOL

As I loaded you into the car after the park/creek adventure, I carefully put you into your car seat, making sure not to get any mud on myself. You must have had two inches of mud on the cuffs on your ruffled jeans, and your once beautifully white sneakers were now a dingy shade of gray. I stripped you before we even entered the house and your kind Mimi took it upon herself to wash everything and make it shine just like it did the in the morning before the great creek rollick. Really, I don’t know how you did it, but no other child there, out of the eight total, were even close to the mess that you were. I mean, all the little boys still looked fresh . . . . tousled, but for the most part, clean . . . but you . . . you were a wreck!! Even the pictures that we took after lunch show how disheveled you were becoming minute by minute. The children were wearing hats for me so I could take pictures. You were the only one in the picture with your hat over your eyes, then your hat was thrown off, then your hair was a crazy mess, you had someone else’s cup of raisins in your hand, and your face was covered with mud, food, and who knows what else. I think that’s the only time that we came home from lunch with friends, and you had more lunch in your bag when we arrived home than when we started. I’m not sure how many Moms and children you bummed food off of, but I ‘m thinking we owe somebody or two, a lunch.

You have really enjoyed having your Mimi here and it’s sad that she’ll be going home in about seven days. Every morning, you beg to go and wake her up and sometimes you don’t even ask, you just barge in her room, crawl up in bed with her and sleep some more or she lets you watch cartoons while you’re all snuggled together. Either way, I don’t think she minds too much. I know she’s going to miss those hugs and kisses when she heads back to Iowa. I will certainly miss her too. I have such a great relationship with my Mom and I hope with all my heart that ours will be the same. I rely on her so much and we just have the best time together. She’s the only one that I can talk to on the phone every single day for an hour or more. I sometimes think I have nothing to say, but then it’s hard for either of us to get off the phone because we keep thinking of something else we just NEED to talk about. Even though our relationship may be different than the one I have with my Mom, I still want us to be close, however that might be. We’ll just have to play it by ear, but please know that I will always be here for you and I will certainly always make time to listen.

Kasen, you are dreadfully honest. I keep telling your Dad that it’s sometimes embarrassing and he just tells me “Get used to it. It’s not changing anytime soon.” LOL When my Mom, your Mimi, got in the car at the airport, you were sooo excited to see her. You carefully looked her over, pointed to her face and asked “You have wrinkles?” I was mortified. Mom calmly said “That’s okay. I DO have wrinkles.” And Kasen was satisfied, although she has asked her several times again. Like I said, brutally and dreadfully honest. I just hope when the time comes, I can teach you just a “little bit” of tact!

You attended your first ever block party this past month and you had a smashing good time. You thought it was YOUR party. I’m aware that part of this is because I just planned your birthday party, which really should have been around your birthday, which, I’m sure YOU are aware, is.in.August. Ooops. Well, your birthday party is coming, I promise, it will be in about a week, but the block party was for everyone in our neighborhood. We were asked to bring items for s’mores and anything else we thought people might enjoy. We ended up bringing marshmallows and you were crazy excited about that. I even caught you during the night carrying around that bag, stuffing marshmallows one by one in your little mouth, assuredly causing a sugar-high for the records. LOL Since you didn’t have Mother’s Day Out the next day, I decided to let you stay up a little late and REALLY enjoy the party. Your Dad wasn’t feeling great, and had a hockey game later in the evening, so he was taking a nap and didn’t get to attend. Your Mimi was there though and was amazed at your stamina and how unbelievably fast you could get out of sight. Even the other children said that you would just.not.stay.still. LOL Well, before we headed out the door to the party, I surprised you with several glow stick necklaces and you looooooved them. Daddy helped us put them together and then we placed them around your neck. You couldn’t stop feeling them and looking at them and I was happy too, since that meant I could find you in a crowd. You may run, but you cannot hide. LOL We then headed to the front door, since the crowd was already gathering in the cul-de-sac in front of our house. As I placed my hand on the doorknob to open the door, I looked down at your precious glowing face. You then clasped your hands together, smiled your biggest smile and said “I’m so exciting. Everyone’s coming to my party!” LOL See, you really are a diva. *wink* And as much as we told you that it wasn’t YOUR party, you held onto that delusion until the very end. As everyone was packing up to go and as each family began their departure home, you grinned, held your hands to your heart and sincerely said, “Thank you for coming to my party.” Sweet pea, you are just too much.

As I mentioned before, we have been decorating the playroom/guest bedroom/baby room. We have been buying furniture that will be used for toys, yet will also grow into the baby room. I have news for you, if we adopt a girl, you’ll be sharing your room for quite some time. And if we adopt a boy, well, that playroom that you love so much will have to be shared since it will be HIS room. I’m not sure that either scenario is just perfect for you, but we think you’ll adjust . . . . in time. LOL While we were at the mall buying some more pieces for “that” room, we thought it would be fun for you to have a ride on the carousel. You proudly handed your coin to the attendant and I helped you up on the highest horse of your choosing, painted with beautifully bright colors of bubble gum pink and majestic purple. I then put the belt around you tightly, while still hanging on to your petite frame. Each time we circled, without fail, you would wave to your Daddy so powerfully that your body would rock back and forth, and I would have to plant my feet even steadier to ensure that both of us weren’t going down. And even though your father is very shy, I could see his face light up every time he heard your voice and saw your contented face, and I swelled inside as well, knowing how much happiness that you’ve brought into our lives. Something so simple as a carousel, yet more powerful than you could ever imagine.

The carousel has finally come to a halt and it’s time to get on with our day. I helped unfasten your belt and set you down beside me. Before I knew it, you were heading out the gate and I was running to keep up with you. And in the blink of an eye, you turned to push the gate behind you . . which wouldn’t have been so bad except that a little girl was right there!! I reached down and grabbed the gate so it wouldn’t hit the little girl in the head, and in my frustration, I told you harshly to “STOP!!” Well, I did stop the gate and the little girl did not get hit, but you turned back around and in that instant, the gate hit YOU, in the eye. I grabbed you so fast and tried to see what happened, but you had your hand over your eye while tears streamed down your face and you screamed in agony. *tears* I sat down, still clutching you in my arms, beside Daddy, and we both tried to see the extent of the injury. We finally got you to take your hand away and your eye was already turning bright red and purple. The carousel attendant came over to us and asked if we wanted to file an injury report. We really didn’t know what to do because we didn’t know how badly you were hurt. She asked us to go and get a cold paper towel in the restroom and evaluate it even further. I carried you in the restroom, walking over to the sinks and you were already trying to talk to a little girl washing her hands. Sooo like you, even when you’re hurting, there’s still time for a quick conversation among soon-to-be-friends. LOL I didn’t realize it, but the attendant had come in after us. She started asking how you were doing and then she asked you to cover your good eye. She held up one finger and asked “How many fingers am I holding up?” You replied, “One.” She thought that was great, so then she held up five fingers and asked you again, “How many fingers am I holding up now?” You didn’t hesitate, you said “A LOOOOOoooooot!!” LOL There were several women standing around us and they all started snickering, but I’m sure that my laughter dominated. Well, even thought I can’t make a long story short to save my life, the final result was that you were fine. Actually you were excited thinking that you were going to have a black/blue eye and you asked every single morning for two weeks, “Is it black yet? .. . Is it purple? . . Is it blue?” No honey, it’s fine, but I’m sure you’ll get one sometime in your life and you can ride the sympathy boat for all it’s worth on that one.


The Dallas Arboretum has special Mommy and Me Mondays during the month of October. They have a pumpkin patch there, a pumpkin house, Kindermusic, a petting zoo, a hay maze, crafts and face painting. You were more interested in kicking and rolling the pumpkins than having me take your picture with them. Big surprise!! But the thing that astounded me the most was that you wanted your face painted. I was thinking, “No way will you sit still that long!” But you did, and you even told the lady that you wanted a pink butterfly WITH glitter AND pink lips!” LOL You have always known what you wanted . . with great certainty and this was certainly no exception. Well, the lady painted your face while I snapped pics right and left and then I watched you look at yourself in the mirror. It was the cutest thing, you were seriously studying your face for a while and then slowly, but surely, came the grin and you couldn’t have been prouder. You keep asking to go back and we will definitely do that. It was just too much fun!!



We attended the Texas State Fair and we had the pleasure of having Mimi come along. It was nice and cool in the morning, but it got crazy hot before we left. To top that off, it was packed and now I know that we will never ever again attend the fair on a weekend. I’ve always been on a weekday and now I know why I’ve done that all these years. Honestly, it really was super busy. Thirty plus people in line for a corny dog?? Come ‘on – NO corny dog tastes that great. I settled on a chili dog instead. ;)

When we first arrived at the fair, we headed straight to the Little Hands on the Farm. You pretended to farm, plant seeds, water trees, gather eggs from the hen house, milk a cow and then you rode a little tractor at the end. You looked so stoic in all the pictures, leaving your father and I thinking that you were just going through the motions and not enjoying it all that much. We then went to feed and pet the animals and you seemed to like that quite a bit, even though the ostrich pecking at your shovel full of feed had you jumping and subsequently giggling with nervous laughter. We moved on to see exhibits, eat lunch, dance with the practicing band, have chilled cherry dessert, run and run up and down a hill, and play lots and lots of expensive fun games at the Midway. Oh yeah, and there was cotton candy thrown in for good measure. All of that combined made for an overly stimulated and extremely unhappy you as we told you it was time to leave. We left the park with you screaming bloody murder that you didn’t want to go home, and as we whisked you as fast as we could toward the exit, we saw heads continuing to turn to see if we were actually beating you right there in public. *rolling eyes here* However; I was thinking that it sounded like “What are my evil parents doing making me go home and take a nap and not let me eat more candy and play games until my parents pockets are empty?” scream. *sigh*





After getting you settled in the car, you calmed down and began to recount your day. We asked what your favorite part was and you said, “Being a farmer. That was my favorite part.” See, you never know. We would have bet money that you would have picked petting and feeding the animals, or the Midway games, specifically, throwing the bucket full of shiny, red, rings in every direction imaginable, except for where they should be going, on.the.bottles. LOL And trust me on this one, even when you think you know what your children are thinking, think again. It’s an ongoing game to see if we can figure your little mind out, and just when we think we’ve nailed it, you go and change the game plan. And even though it can be extremely and thoroughly confusing at times, I sure am having fun trying.

I love you to the moon and back.

Love, Mommy