Family Sneak Peek

November 16, 2008

Well, after rescheduling this shoot a few times due to the crazy Texas weather, we finally got everyone together today.  Who knew it gets sooooo freezing cold here?! LOL  We couldn't have picked a more pleasant afternoon.  It was nice, but not too hot or not too cold, it was just right!!  And what could be better, I got to photograph a dear friend of mine and her family.  It's always fun to do that, even though it still makes me a tad nervous. ;)

Here are just a few of MY favorites – hope you like them!!

Aren't they a beautiful family?! ~

Shannah said that he's a Daddy's boy, and it couldn't be more evident here!!  Isn't this the best "awwwww" moment?! ~

Sweet Zander (a little brown tone action added here) ~

And how could we forget Sam??  He's Zander's best buddy.  And I think he stole the show a few times today. ;) ~

I love this cheek to cheek love ~

Zander's serious face :D

And then he sees his Mommy – can you feel the adoration?! ~

Swinging time – he could really fly!!!  Quite impressive. ~

That's all for now!!!!!!

See ya' later!!

tammy ( a gymbo mommie): you are right karen, they are a beautiful family on the inside and outside!!

Shannah: ARGHGHGH! Stop it!! How am I EVER supposed to pick? I can already see that I'm going to have to get collage frames for the family Christmas presents instead of just an 8x10. I guess this is good problem to have. Thanks for the wonderful shoot, Karen!

Katy: Beautiful pictures! I love the black and white of Zander!