Waiting for the Big Guy to Show Up

December 24, 2008

Santa that is! LOL  Kasen is beyond excited that we are opening family gifts this evening.  We already let her open one last night and she had a great time playing with her new toy. :D

This morning, we have already baked our birthday cake for Jesus – a pineapple upside down cake.  Yum!!  We have assembled half of our gingerbread house.  We are now waiting on the walls to dry before we can add the roof.  Then, after the roof dries, we can DECORATE.  Try explaining to a three year old WHY OH WHY do we HAVE to WAAAAAIIITTTTTTTT???!!!!  Not easy let me tell you. *sigh*

We're eating dinner at Brad's parents' house tonight and then the present opening begins.  Do you think Kasen will make it through dinner?  Time will tell.  My guess is that she will bargain to open at least ONE gift before dinner, and then it will be TWO, no wait, THREE, and so on and so on. LOL

Then we get to do it all over again in the morning, after Santa drops off his presents tonight.  How fun is all of this????!!!  I'd say GREAT fun!!  Seeing  Christmas through a child's eyes is magical.

Here's our sweet girl visiting Santa Claus – I took these pics at the wonderful charity event hosted by The Spauldings. :)

Wishing you every happiness

this holiday season

and throughout the coming year.

See ya' later!!