Texas Bluebonnets

April 18, 2011

I finally uploaded pictures that I’ve taken for the past month.  There’s been a lot going on, but blogging seems to have been left out of the mix of craziness. Here’s a little synopsis of our activities ~ Kasen has been playing soccer and finished her last game on Saturday, she’s lost two teeth and she couldn’t have been more excited about The Tooth Fairy coming to visit, and she’s been to many, many birthday parties and has loved every minute of that too.  Holden is talking up a storm, jumping off of everything he can, wants to play trains every.single.day, and is his usual intense, spunky, funny little dude.  Let’s throw a garage sale in there, a sick Brad, and a very sick Holden, Kasen’s spring program, a flat tire, Kasen’s gymnastics, my birthday, Holden’s Gymboree class, playdates with the kids and lots of bike riding, sliding and swinging, flying kites, sidewalk chalk, and swimming.  I’m sure there’s more, but that’s the majority of all the action. :D

I missed getting the kids’ pictures in the bluebonnets last year.  If I can remember right, it rained a lot, the kids were sick, and then when I was ready, the bluebonnets were gone.  I wasn’t too thrilled about taking Holden out last year at this time either.  However; I’m not sure this time was better.  I wanted to wait until the sun was just going down, but that happened to be after Holden’s bedtime.  He was a little cranky before we left, but that’s not unusual.  He was super excited to play in the flowers, but none too happy about sitting still with Kasen for a pic.  Every time Holden would sit down, we would yell at Kasen to hurry and sit with him to get a picture.  As soon as she would sit behind him, he would get up or cry.  Lather, rinse, repeat. *sigh*  I snapped what I could of the little dude and I’m happy to say I got a few good shots of them together, and a couple of really cute ones of him by himself.  Kasen did great, even though she wanted to talk to every single person she saw in the bluebonnet field. ;)  After about 10 minutes of picture taking, Holden continued to say “Home, bye-bye, go car, home, bye-bye, car, go home.” LOL  We finally surrendered to his pleas and headed home.  After we arrived home, I was getting Holden ready for bed, quickly, since it was already WAY past his bedtime.  We even nixed his bath due to time.  Anyway, as I was changing Holden’s diaper, Kasen came in the room and cracked up because there were bluebonnets in Holden’s diaper.  We had a car full of bluebonnets as well, and Kasen dumped a small bouquet of them from her sneakers.

I love the different lighting that I got from both angles.  The sun behind them and the sun in front of them – so cool how it changes the color of everything.  I have to  say that I’m super happy we made the trip this year.  I was dreading it on the way there, but as I pulled up the pictures on the computer tonight and looked through them, I was laughing and smiling.  Love those kids!! :)




More bluebonnet pictures to come later.

See ya’ later!!

Gayle Brockman: Fantastic pictures of the kids and bluebonnets...it is snowing again today here and it feels like we will never see any flowers!! Wow, where did our little Kasen go - she is sure growing up! Love that Holden still holds on so tightly to his bunny! Those eyes!!!!!!