Total Sweetness

February 1, 2011

I love the way Holden screams, “Dadddyyyyyy!!!  Daaaaaddddyyyyyyy!!” when Brad arrives home from work.  Sometimes he runs to him, other times he stomps his feet and occasionally he just starts turning in circles. LOL  Man, does he love his Daddy.  He asks for him first thing when I get him out of his crib, and he adores the way Brad plays with him every night.  And it just wouldn’t be right if Holden didn’t blow a handful of kisses to him as he drives out of the garage on the way to work. Tonight, Brad had Holden on his lap while they were waiting for Kasen to finish her bath and they started making faces at one another. Holden is such a ham, so it was hilarious.  I ran and grabbed my camera and I loooove what I captured.  I’m crazy about photography for this very reason. I’ll be able to go back and look at these three shots and remember.  I’ll remember the love I felt when I was watching both of them . . . . . letting the stress, of a day of whining, hitting, and arguing between both kids, melt away . . . . embracing the calm that returned for a few seconds . . . . and being able to soak in the happiness of that moment in time . . . . . . a moment of total sweetness. :)




See ya’ later!!

Mae Mae: Okay, that just made my day...Love you, and miss you all...see you soon...

Papa: On a cold day, those are real heart warmers. Thanks Karen!