Kasen & Carson

September 27, 2010

They had a BLAST playing together.  And like any good friends, after fun and a few spats, they still hugged each other and were sad to end the time together. I thought it was so sweet that Kasen leaned inside the car and said to Carson, “I really, really, really, really love you and I’ll miss you.”  Precious.

Here they are playing chase.  If you’re wondering why they have their pajamas on, it’s because it was Pajama Day for Carson at school.  Kasen thought that was super cool, so she had to join in and put her pajamas on as well.  Not sure why she had to put thick cotton tights on as well as her Crocs, but I’m not judging. LOL  Just look at Holden too – still trying to get in with the cool kids. ;)





See ya’ later!!

Lisa: Those are adorable!!

Mike: Too Cute!