I Heart Faces Photo Contest

September 26, 2010

I had so much fun entering last week’s photo contest at I Heart Faces, I thought I would enter again this week.  This week’s theme is “Chalk.”  I had just taken some pics of my children at the beginning of this month and I knew there had to be one in there that was a good fit for this theme.  I even had a great plan for a picture, but it poured down rain and I couldn’t bring my idea to fruition.  Oh well.  So, after much deliberating, this is the one I chose.  Here I am featuring my little man again, but he is just SO expressive and really funny.  He did try every single color of chalk even though he hated it and made horrendous faces every single time. LOL  I guess he thought the next color just had to taste better than the last. ;)

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Megan Hartley: Love it! He is adorable and I love the optimism of the story! :)

kristen mintz: ha ha! i have a few photos like that! lol!

Valerie: haha I love it! what a cute little face :)

Pam D: Congrats on being an A&A favorite last week! Your boy is expressive indeed! I didn't expect a "chalk tasting" photo... I don't know why. It surely must LOOK yummy to the little ones! My boy, however, seemed to favor the flavor of dirt at that age; I guess chalk was just too mild for his tastes! Ha... this is a great capture with a great story!

stacey: For a baby, there's no better use for chalk than eating it! :)

Amy: so was it the pink or the blue that tasted better? very cute.

erica: my little guy likes to eat the chalk too! ha!

Raymonde: Such a cute little boy! Funny chalk shot. xxx

Erika B: Ha, ha, ha..what a little cutie! Is there any other way to try out new things when you're that age?! Erika B

t3r3sa: Deeee-lish!! ha ha ha ha ha

Mrs.Mayhem: So stinking cute! Great shot!