September 19, 2010

Summertime.  It’s still here, still hot and I’m still waiting for the fall weather that people in different parts of the world are talking about.  They speak of wearing chunky warm sweatshirts, loving the feel of the crisp air while watching football games and how it’s finally “soup weather.”  Ahhhhh, how I’m ready for that.  However; since it is what it is here in Texas, I’ll just embrace our warm summer days.  Popsicles, swimming, playing in the rain, flowing summer dresses, chunky toddler sandals showing a peak of pudgy toes, and trips to the park are all remarkable summer loves.

Another summer love is our new Zoku quick pop maker.  Totally cool.  It makes popsicles in about 7-8 minutes which is of the utmost importance when you have a squirmy, very impatient five year old.  Here’s Kasen enjoying the wait and then the final product – orange-strawberry-banana quick pops.  Yummo! :D




See ya’ later!!