I Heart Faces Photo Contest

September 20, 2010

Wellllll . . . . . I haven’t entered an I Heart Faces Photo Contest in foreverrrrrr!  It’s been a challenging year that’s for sure, but we know the light is at the end of the tunnel . . . . somewhere. LOL

The theme for this week’s contest is “Smirk” and I immediately knew which picture I wanted to enter.  I was talking to my Mom on the telephone and he wanted to say “Hi.” He does great saying his hellos, but then he starts pushing buttons and eventually hanging up on her – doesn’t make for a great two way conversation. :)  I had to finally tell her my goodbyes because he was SO upset.  We were sitting on the floor, he was scu-reammmmiinnggg, so I did what anyone would do to get him to be quiet . . I handed him the telephone.  He gently held it up to his ear and started talking while tears still filled his eyes and streamed down his cheeks. He would alternate between talking and pushing buttons.  I had my camera on the table, so I reached up, grabbed it, and started snapping pictures when he turned to me and gave me the biggest smirk I’ve ever seen.  I can just hearing him saying “Yep, I got what I wanted.” LOL  Little stinker.  It’s a good thing he’s cute. ;)

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LYNN: total smirk. This is IT!

Yanet Spitler: I LOVE one-liner smirks. This photo made me grin. :)

Elizabeth: what a doll baby!! oh.. my gosh. so stinkin cute!!

Brandi: Oh my! I love it! I have seen some super cute entries so far but this one makes me laugh! I don't even know him or have to know the story to tell that he is pleased/smug about something! perfect perfect!!

Shawntae: That's perfect! He's SO cute. And yes, "I got what I wanted" is written ALL over his face.lol

Rebecca: I love this smirk! What a great shot!

Anne Elisabeth: wow I love this one!!! And so sharp and clear

Helen Noordam-Parr: omg I'm in love!! perfect smirk and what a cutiepie!

Tessa Baker: This is great! Gotta love this face!

laura: this one is perfect!

Caseybumpinalong: Cutest face ever!

Irela: He is just precious. Love his little smirk. :)

Inspire. Create. Bake.: I love this shot. Such a fun expression.

Jennifer Foster: he is completely so stinkin' cute!!! so funny the way he's grasping the remote, such a man!!!! lol

Tricia Williams: awe so cute!

Mandy: LOVE THIS! haha, he's adorable and this is by far my favorite entry ;) Too cute!

Sarah Swanson: Very cute! You can still see a few leftover tears. Almost a sigh of relief to finally have the phone. Very sharp focus, too.

Heather: That's the best darned smirk ever :)

Caroline (Frogmum): See now, THAT is a 'smirk'!! Brilliant entry! So smug! ~ and LOVE that his T-shirt says 'little rotter' ~ got to be a winner!! :D

Mackenzie: This is beautiful! Such a little cutie with a VERY cute smirk!! Precious!

Lori S: I love this one...definitely an awesome smirk on this little guy!

Anne U: This one's definitely a winner, love that I can still see tears in his eyes.

Vika: What a great entry! He is such a cutie. Good thing you had your camera handy.

Heather: OMG!!! This is cuteness overload! Great capture.

kristen mintz: This is perfect!!! awesome entry!

Natalie P.: He is precious! Perfect smirk for this weeks challenge. The light in your home is amazing too! Wonderful capture!

Cathy: Oh my... this is so cute! I absolutely love this!!

Cherilyn: How cute!

Tiffany Stuart: amazing shot..love his face!

Suzanne Barber: I love it! The perfect smirk :)

velvetowlphotography: TOO cute!!!

Helen: Adorable!!

Suzy Jahn: FAB-U-LOUS! I <3 it!

Jessica Jill Photography: that is awesome!

Emily: OMGoodness this is too cute!!

Susie Pederson: Hilarious! I was just looking at the rest of your pictures. You've got some awesome ones for next weeks challenge of Chalk! Can't wait to see which one you pick!

Kathryn: That is *precious* What a great entry!

Tori: Love it! His smirk is perfect. They know how to work it, don't they?

Rachel: What an amazing smile! He is adorable! What a great crisp photo as well!

jessica curtis: what a cute little man...i'm pretty sure he'd get whatever he wanted if he looked at me like that! great shot!

Karen Schneider: Thanks so much for all the kind comments. I appreciate ALL of them!!

Adrienne: Oh, he's so cute. And that is definitely a smirk!

Jacki: This is just such a wonderful picture. I am sure that you will treasure it forever because it just captures so much.

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