There’s a Princess in the House

September 14, 2010

Kasen’s Auntie Gayle and Uncle Brian gave her the neatest gift – Twinkle Tiaras.  It comes with six tiaras and you dress them up with sticky foam and jewel pieces.  Kasen had an absolute blast decorating them . . . kept her busy for quite some time! :)

Here she is modeling a few of her masterpieces a few weeks ago, just beautiful.  Thanks again Brian & Gayle – HUGE hit! :D



As for today, we have two little sickies in the house. :(  Poor Holden has it worse than Kasen right now.  I spent most of the day wearing him in his carrier.  Sad little thing kept putting his head on my chest and just whimpering.  Man, I hope they both feel better tomorrow – it’s hard to see them sick and very difficult finding things for them to do in the house all day.  I’m pretty sure Holden wanted to go somewhere because he kept saying “Bye Bye. Bye Bye.” LOL  Maybe we’ll just go for a drive tomorrow just to get out of the house – it wasn’t in the cards today because Holden was sleeping so much and I was too worried about him with his high fever.  Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for both of them.

See ya’ later!!

Gayle Brockman: What a beautiful Princess!! You are so welcome Kasen....I had fun putting them together too!! Sure hope you and Holden feel better soon. Hugs and kisses to everyone as I sure miss you - Aunty Gayle