Holden’s Best Friend

September 6, 2010

His best friend, his bunny.  He cannot go to sleep without it, it calms him down within a millisecond if he’s upset, he has just about chewed its paws off, they’re almost black, and  it stinks . . . . really stinks, he loves to hold the paws up to my nose so I can say “Pewww-eeeeee” – cracks him up every.single.time. If you take it from him, he grabs it, and lets out a horrible growl to let you know how irritated he is with you for taking his precious friend. If he sees it anywhere, he calls for it, “Buhhh-eeeeee, Buhhh-eeeeeeeee” – I think he’s close to actually saying “Bunny.” He would love to carry it around with him all day.  If he does set it down so he can play with something else and then happens upon it during the day, he immediately grabs it and the biggest smile comes across his face, as if to say, “Oh friend, where HAVE you been?” :) LOL

As for me, I’m terrified we’ll lose it, scared he won’t take to the new one I ordered because it doesn’t have his stink  . . . . . uhhhh, smell, on it, wondering if he’ll be carrying it with him to his first day of kindergarten, or better yet, across the stage at his high school graduation.  Oh yeah, peer pressure should get to him by then. :)  Even so, I’m armed with pictures of said bunny and I will NOT let him forget the importance “Bunny” has had in his life. :D Should make for some cute pictures to show at his rehearsal dinner. ;)

Here’s Holden and his Best Friend, Bunny . . . .