Holden vs. Sidewalk Chalk

September 4, 2010

It was a BEEEEE-YOUUUUUUU-TI-FUL day today!  The first day that I haven’t wanted to pass out from heat stroke every time I walked out the front door.   Thank goodness for air conditioners.  Holden asks to go outside all day long every day, as well as Kasen, but at least she understands that it’s too hot, he doesn’t.  Well, they were scrambling to find their shoes when I said that we could go outside and play.  Holden grabs his shoes and says, “Shoooooes, Owww-side” – too cute.  Normally we have them wear shoes because their feet would burn on the concrete, but today, today we didn’t need no stinkin’ shoes, it was cooler on the concrete – yahoooooo!!!!  ;) We started out with a snack, played with insects, then we moved on to playing ball.  We had some swing time, slid down the slide a LOT, played in the fort, rode on the glider, had tickle fights on the grass, each had a ride on the tricycle, we rode the plasma car (Kasen pushed Holden and I, then I pushed her), we played with the water table and then it was time for sidewalk chalk.  It was Holden’s first time with the chalk and I could not stop laughing.  I took tons of pictures and I had to share them before going to bed tonight because they’re just too cute. :)

Kasen and Holden started out drawing together on the concrete, but then Holden moved on to writing on the post. LOL

collage09-03-10a1Holden then decided to taste the sidewalk chalk!  The face he made after he took a bite was priceless.  I was SURE he wouldn’t do it again after THAT face. ;)


However . . . . he did . . . . he tried the red next . . . .

collage09-03-10c . . . then the pink . . . .

collage09-03-10d. . . . then the purple . . .

Kasen was mortified and tried to get all the chalk out immediately.  By the way, I had already wiped his mouth clean a few times before those last pictures were even taken. LOL

And really, there’s nothing cuter than a chalk bum! :D


Our day did NOT start out well, but the day ended fantastically – the kids and I both were so excited to play outside.  We headed for the backyard before 3:00 p.m., and after playtime, and the kids taking a walk with Mae Mae and Papa, they didn’t come inside until 6:30 p.m.  They were wiped out when they went to sleep.  Love that. :D  The cooler weather was exactly what we were needing.  I’m hoping for lots more of those days – wonderful, wonderful memories were made. :)

See ya’ later!!