August 29, 2010

Just a little bit of fun before Holden hit the hay.  He was playing earlier on the slide, actually in the buff :D , but he wasn’t sliding too well like that! LOL  Kasen wanted to stay outside and play, so Brad took over outside duty.  I then headed inside to give Holden a bath and get him ready for “Nigh Nigh” as he says.  Well, as I was gathering all of his stuff, he saw Brad outside and had a fit.  He was grabbing the doorknob, standing on his tip-toes, saying “Oww-side!  Owww-siide!  Owwww-siiide!”  Listening to that cute voice and watching him work so hard to get outside, I, of course, took him out for one last little playtime. :)  And that’s the reason he’s in his jammies.  A few slides did the trick and he was ready to head for bed.  LOVE the look on our little man’s face in these pics.  Love, love them! :)

The kiss-off from Kasen. LOL


Kasen helping Holden take off.




See ya’ later!!