She’s Home!!!!!

August 26, 2010

Kasen just returned from a camping trip with Brad’s parents, her Mae Mae and Papa.  She’s one very lucky little girl to have such great grandparents.  They are making such wonderful memories with her, ones that will definitely last a lifetime. :)

Me, well, I couldn’t have been happier to see her run into my arms this afternoon. :D  I really missed her.  Holden and I even played in her room a lot while she was gone so we could have some pretend “Kasen time.” ;)  Holden has started calling for her now.  In the past, he’s called her “KayKay,” “ShaySay,” and now his latest is “Kayyyyyy-Seeeeeeee.” LOL  I could tell that Holden was a little off his game while she was gone, but he hung in there.  Kasen waited patiently for Holden to wake up from his nap after she arrived home.  She discovered him first on the monitor, saying “He’s sitting up.  He’s sitting up.  Can I PLEASE go see him now?”  It’s very sweet how much she loves him, and it’s definitely a mutual admiration society . . . . . well, most of the time! LOL  He seemed pretty excited to see her enter his room and they even read a few books in his crib together and played a bit before getting on with the afternoon.  They had fun chasing each other and playing with trains, balls, and a pretend vacuum cleaner (Holden’s fave).  We only had one infraction which landed Kasen in time-out. :(  My favorite line ever – “You can’t be mean to me.  I’m FIVE now!” LOL  Well, being mean to her little brother was what landed her in time out.  Holden did his usual – going to her while she was on time out, pointing his finger at her and yelling “No, No, No, No, No.” LOL  Then he would squat down so he could see her eye to eye.  It actually turned out great because it made her laugh, and it happened 10 seconds before her time-out was over.  Everything ran smoothly after that, thank goodness.  Just testing her limits I’m sure – has to see where she stands . . . guess she found out. ;)

We had a little play time in the backyard late in the afternoon, it was a little cooler then.  They really did great.  Kasen is such a good helper when Holden starts getting into things he shouldn’t.  It’s a good thing too, because he’s super fast now.  A lot of the times, she can get to him before I can and steer him in the right direction, which is wonderful.  Actually, she can be quite the Mother Hen.  I gave him a cheese cracker this afternoon and she promptly took it from him, telling me, “That cracker has cheese in it.  Do you know that cheese has milk in it?  Holden CANNOT have milk.” LOL  She’s right about the milk, but he’s doing quite well with the crackers . . . . as long as he doesn’t have too many.  Funny girl, she is one smart cookie.  Okay, back to playing in the backyard. They both had some swing time, they played in the fort, and Holden ran around touching stuff and saying “Hot! Hot!”  LOL  He’s not a fan of the hot.  We were outside the other day and he touched one of our patio tables and yes, it was super hot.  He pulled his hand back so fast, put it on his chest, and looked at me with the most serious (and shocked) face and said, “Hot. Hot. Hot. Hot.” :D

Here’s Kasen playing on the swing, obviously upside down. ;)  Look at that sweet face.  Oh, how I’ve missed it.  The cuddles all afternoon and the numerous times she said, “I love you” and “I missed you soooo much” just warmed my heart.  I was holding her quite a bit today, and when I had to get up, she said, “Nooooo, I wasn’t done loving on you yet.” :)  Awwwww, another Mommy melting moment.  What a sweetheart. <3

k08-26-10aSee ya’ later!!