August 24, 2010

This is what Holden says every single time he sees me on the phone, all while he furiously reaches for the phone . . . . and cries. :(   He loves to say “Hi,” “Bye,” and “No!” LOL  And he loves to press the buttons.  It’s almost become a huge hassle because he does not want me talking on the phone now at all, HE wants to talk.  We do have a phone that has been plugged in, but the telephone line has not been connected . . . . . . which is great.  That means it makes sounds when he pushes the buttons, he can make it ring, but at least he’s not calling China. ;)

Check out the tears in this photo.  I finally gave him the phone so he could talk to my Mom, after a HUGE meltdown.  He quieted down the minute he had the phone in his hands.  Stinker!


Having a deep conversation with his Mimi.


Holden cracks me up with this smug grin.  You can just hear him saying “Yep, I got what I wanted.”  Silly boy!


See ya’ later!!