Smiley and Serious

August 18, 2010

Holden’s cutting his molars right now, so he’s been quite fussy lately.  Now, we also have a five year old cutting her adult molars.  I thought it sounded funny when she said that she had half a tooth and when I went to investigate, it was like looking in Holden’s mouth.  I could see half of her tooth poking through her gums.  Whew, crazy around here!! :)  Teething strips for everyone. LOL

I haven’t taken as many pictures of Holden lately because he is ALWAYS on the move.  He hardly ever sits still now, and continues to climb on the kitchen table.  I’ve been putting the chairs on top of the table and the kitchen island so I don’t have to remove him 100 times a day.  He is still getting in to everything he’s not supposed to.  The thing that cracks me up the most lately is him dancing when I turn the vacuum cleaner on, he likes to groove. LOL  Smacking the the juke box with his hand is code for “turn that thing on” – as soon as he hears a tune, he’ll start busting a move. :D  He was getting Kasen to turn on musical toys today so he could dance.  I’ve never heard of a child starting to dance when he hears a drill saw, but Holden sure does.  Funny, funny boy.  He’s talking a LOT – I think he has about 20+ words now.  He asks to go “owww-side” every single day.  When he touches something he’s not supposed to, he says, “Hot” even when it’s just wet.  Falling is so frequent around here that I just look for blood immediately.  I always pick him up and say, “Oh honey.”  Soooo, now when he’s upset or he gets hurt, he comes running to me and cries, “Honeeeeeeyyyyy.  Honeeeyyyy.”  So sad, but precious.  First thing in the morning, he asks for his “Bobble” (bottle) and he asks for his “Buh-eeeeee” (bunny) every single night – actually, he’s asking for it a LOT during the day now.  He used to leave it in the crib in the morning, but now he reaches back for it and won’t leave the crib without it.  That poor bunny, it’s looking BAD.  It was washed again today.  I can’t wash it more than about every three days or it would fall apart.  I did ask my friend where she bought it for him, and I’ve already got one on order.  I’m just hoping he’ll take to it so we can retire the poor bunny that once had white paws to his memory box.

Here’s our little man – both sides, happy and serious.  Can you tell how much he’s slimmed down with all that walking?!  I knew he had, but looking at the serious picture, I can really see it.  Little man is growing up . . . way too fast!!

It looks so funny to see that big molar in his mouth just surrounded by gums.  Love those pearly whites he has~


See ya’ later!!

Mae Mae: Love that little face